Saturday, September 30, 2006

For the Love...

...of quality time with friends: I spent some time with my friend Morgan yesterday night. The evening plans: go tanning...yes I went in a cancer booth. But for only five minutes and I didn't get burned anywhere, thank the good Lord. Then she re-colored my hair, my roots were really showing. What's nice about coloring my hair is that it is subtle and it's really noticable under bright in-door light or the suns rays bounce off of it. Then we went to one of my favorite eateries: the A-bizzle fo'shizzle is my affectionate namesake but most people know it as Applebee's. I then came back home to the apartment and enjoyed some quietness. Both the roommates came back and were hanging around when our friend Karen stopped by. We talked about how we all use facebook too's so addicting! Another for the love this week was that I heard from one of my closest friends. The cheesy grin was on my face the entire time I talked with her!

For the love of homework and tests. I had two tests this week: Philosophy and Western Classics II. My two gen ed's this semester. I also had a lit review due in my LPA (Learn Performance Assessment) Class. I got what I term as an unusual comment this week as well. I had to have a conference with one of my profs about a part of my lesson that I had to teach to a group of my classmates. It was a bit bizzare being up there pretending they were 9th graders and that I was in an actual classroom. But apparently I did really well teaching. I personally thought it could have been better...I had to watch a tape of myself. It's just weird watching yourself on tape. I speak with a lot of hand gestures which I never really noticed before. But apparently, I'm a natural in front of people...quite exciting considering that I will be spending my life speaking in front of people!

For the love of having to grow up earlier than I'd like to. I'm learning the ropes of financial aid and reading invoices. It's been quite the trip and I'm learning to have more patience with the fin aid and student accounts people. And I'm incredibly grateful for those who have patiently dealt with me and encouraged me along they way.

For the love of godsends. I have been incredibly blessed this semester. One person in particular is one of those people that tells me the truth even when I don't want to hear it. I must say I have a lot of respect for those kind of people. Because to me it shows my that they really care about you when they tell you the truth. Not that there is anything wrong with those of us who struggle with being that up front and honest. I have huge respect for the realness factor.

For the love of tuna. I have been on a tuna kick lately. That white Albacore stuff mixed with some Helmann's, put on wheat bread, with some provalone cheese, toasted in our incredible toaster oven, with a touch of oregano...makes for a fantastic lunch!

For of the love of Gilmore Girls. Only one of the best shows. Ever. I have been avidly watching the sixth season (on DVD) like I'm trying to drop a bad habit or eat only one pringle. I can't just watch one episode.

Question of the day: Do you prefer to underline or highlight important things when reading?

Me: I used to be a highlighter user and have now been converted over to underlining. However, the urge to highlight occationally overcomes me :)


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