Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Little Engine That Could

This week I found myself saying, "I think I can, I think I can...may it through this day!" several times. I had three projects all due on the same day:Thursday. All of them requiring attention and detail. The largest project was my completed Work Sample. I have been working on this thing all semester long. All I had to do was edit the separate pieces and place them into one document. A little easier said than done as I ran into some importing problems. In the end I had a 97 page document that looked pretty sweet (well professional) binded. The Work Sample basically shows that I can create a unit and properly assess students. The next task I also had all semester to do but I was not nearly as dilligent on it. It was a resource file for another education class. I see the value of it and I can see how it could be helpful when I student teach. However, unless God changes the plan...I don't plan on being a teacher within the public or private school systems. The next thing I turned in a day late but I didn't lose points for the lateness. It was my practicum notebook for the same class as the resource file. I had to compile all of my reflections from all of my visits, document the dates I visited the school, and then reflect on all of the teaching standards (there are 10 of them) that Asbury has, make an overall reflection of my practicum experience, and include any handouts I had from the practicum. I am reflected out in reference to the education department.

Also this week, I had a special timbrel rehearsal on Thursday. The girls Nicole, Regan, and I have been working with all semester performed today at church! They did a good job! They have to work on smiling when they're in front of other people though. And on Thursday I also had to attend a Lead-On workshop to fulfill a requirement for Aldersgate (the name for the on-campus apartments).

Saturday was Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas. Always a good time. I walked around with my small group instead of the Sallies...but I had a nice time. There is a finale mini-concert at a local church. The SASF band and songsters are required to participate but we have fun with it. Afterwards, a bunch of us continued the tradition of going to Cheddar's. It was a great night of laughter and a little bit of reminiscing. Some of the Sallie Alumni were up for the weekend and they joined us. I must say that it was nice to have Christmasy weather. All during the week it was in the 70s.

What made this week great though... I got new glasses! I'm such a stud!

And because I heart L-Dub... we are! I'm so blessed to have crossed paths with her!
Question of the day: Read any good books lately?

Me: But of course! I am currently reading from East to West: God in the Shadows. It's the autobiography of Ravi Zacharias. He's a Christian "thinker" among other things. I've been wanting to read his book about a conversation between a Muslim and Jesus.


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