Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Memories, oh the Memories

I've not lived for a very long time but I've had some happy, sad, embarrassing, exciting, challenging, and delicious unforgetable memories. I got tagged in one of those tell me a memory of me things on facebook and it got me thinking about my personal memories from my life.

For being alive for 22 odd years, I've had quite the spectrum of events occur in my life. Each leaving a memory etched in my mind. Some memories have been somber moments where I've learned and grown more than I ever imagined. I'm in a reflecting mood...so sit back and enjoy.

Exciting: Finding out that I was accepted on the Hands on Missions Team, graduating from high school with Highest Honors, preaching for the first time on Easter Sunday (my fav holiday) and also preaching in India! Going overseas for the first time was also an exciting moment!

Sad: Numerous deaths in my family: my grandpa, my step-aunt Gayle, my Uncle Bug (nickname), great uncle Albert, uncle Andy, and my father most recently. Growing up not knowing what it's like to have grandparents in my life. Losing all of my friends in 8th grade periodically. Living in constant fear of other people. Complicated Thanksgivings resulting in my dis-like of a generally happy holiday.

Embarrassing: Walking into the men's room at Eat 'n' Park on Halloween after trick-or-treating. Being pecked by a chicken. Spewing liquid in the grille after my roommate made the comment, "I'm on a fat diet". Wiping out in caf carrying empty ice buckets during my bev bar set-up shift and having Doug see me. Ripping my pants while hopping like a frog on stage in India.

Happy: Getting a good review on my work sample project...which I thought I had done wrong. Being told I love you by those that genuinally do. High School band was a good time. Trips: Florida in High School twice, NYC, Birmingham, AL; Statesboro, GA; Asheville, NC; Des Plaines, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Sweetwater/Clearwater/Tampa, FL. Working at SA camps. My 21st birthday! Finding a Mr. Grinch stuffed doll for $5 at Kohl's!

Challenging: Overcoming my fear of getting hurt by other people. The grief process. Becoming comfortable and accepting of who I am. Transitioning to a different social life this semester. Actually studying and doing homework. Overcoming my fear of ropes courses (high).

Delicious: Good meals over my Fall Break last weekend My mom's broccoli cheese soup. Making homemade pizza with the fam!

Those of you that read this thing and know me, probably have different or even simliar memories of me. Most of you have experienced me at different points in my life.

In saying this I have two tasks for you. That is if you will tak on the challenge.

1.) Give me a memory or two of me...you have free range. It could be good or bad. (I've done this before but, it's been a while).

2. Tell me what the word true means to you. It can be what you associate with the word or even what first comes to mind when you see or hear the word true.



Blogger Tim said...

Annoying: Annie as a 15 year old Pyro. Drama! Oh the drama!

Interest peaked: Annie as a 16 year old Pyro. Completely different person. Easily my best year of Pyros.

Proud: Annie as a 17 year old. Preached at Youth Councils. Kicked tail! One of my proudest moments.

Fascinating: Annie as an 18 year old. Strong, responsible, dependable, leader. Came back and spoke to my (then) group of Pyros. Unbelievable! Prouder than the Youth Councils thing!

Mind blowing: Annie at her current stage of life. Pretty much I just watch, wide-eyed, at what God’s going to do with her next.

True – Exact. Something to be measured by. Perfect. Without any hint of falsness.

4:37 AM

Blogger Nicole_Marietta said...

Exhausting: Last Christmas re-packing all the Angel Tree gifts until midnight!

Delicious: Trips to El Toro and the Chinese Buffet when Annie comes home!

True: nothing fake, phoney, or false in intentions or motivation!

4:53 PM


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