Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm Moving Up in the World

Today (August 25) was my birthday. I turned 22 years old. I don't feel older but, I found myself reflecting over the past year. I've grown a lot in maturity and discovered more about who I was created to be. When seriously looking at my heart and who I am, I was scared at first. I can't really explain this well...but I doubted that I could live up to all that potential and responsibility. And so, I froze and lived in doubt. But being over seas changed a lot of my fears. I started seeing things with the eyes of my heart not just my physical eyes. I looked at people and got to really know some of them. I read a book that hit my passions and heart pretty well. I truly believe that it is an honor to be trusted by God...our God. The God that knows intimate details about each and every one of us. The same God that created mountains and sunsets. And the God who works in the mysterious ways. I'm at this point where I really want to go out do what my heart yearns to do. Yet I know that being trained is going to be so beneficial...and rushing isn't always good. I've realized this past year that I am a blessed individual. God has been involved in so many little details, especially people I've crossed paths with. Even though I may not always be joyful in every circumstance. And I do get frustrated when the results aren't what I pictured. Have you ever reflected and understood why a particular person or event occured in your life? It's a wonderful thing, for me at least. B/c to me...I'm reminded that God is present in our everyday lives, not just when something big happens to us.

This year, my game plan is to focus on true hope. It was a phrase that struck a chord with me this summer in India. In one of the books I was reading this summer I came across this definition of hope: "Absolute confidence, the kind of confidence that is at rest in turmoil, laughs at the actions of the enemy (Satan, El Diablo) and produces enough faith to at least stand still and see God, if not actively march forward in power and expectancy." -Graham Cooke

Note: In this quote I added the Spanish term.

You may have to read that paragraph more than once. I did. This paragraph tugged at me and is why I want to spend more time diving into discovering true hope.

I am also still reading Velvet Elvis...major props to Rob Bell...this book is excellent.

Classes started this week. At first I really didn't like one of them. But I am working on having a positive attitude for this class. I have enjoyed being back on campus and moving into my steller apartment. I have great roommates and am loving having space bigger than a dorm room. Plus the actual feeling that I am an adult rocks. Work has been great too. I love working in Admissions and I got a big raise in the caf. Truth be told, the minimum wage went up. I do miss my closest and best friend though. I love that she's out in the real world working at an amazing job...but it's not the same without her.

I haven't been able to fully talk about India yet and am pouncing at the opportunities I have next week to do so! I'm also leading united Sunday School on Sunday...pray about that please!

Question of the day: What was your favorite birthday?

Me: I throughly enjoyed turning 16 but my favorite had to be turning 21.

PS: If you would like to see some pics from India check out this site:

I'll post a link for London soon!


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