Friday, November 03, 2006


This week deserves a whoa! It started off nice, the middle got a little messy, and the school has ended on a high note.

Monday: Usual busyness but no practicum this week (this is cause for great joy!). I test ran an idea to help someone else out (There needs to be some tweaking for this to scheduling/timing) but it worked out well. At least I think so. I made my own salsa on Monday too. We don't have a processor so I hand diced/chopped everything. I learned that I need to have a barrier on my hands when working with jalepenos. My eyes burned so much taking my contacts out and putting them in the next morning. I did wash my hands multiple times but it didn't work out for me. I also had a friend make me amazing coffee too. Oh, and my mom sent a holiday care package!

Tuesday: I enjoyed my salsa and I stopped by two Halloween bashes. I got some candy and the same friend made me some more amazing coffee! Writing this reminds me that I still have to return the mugs to his apartment. Let me tell you how amazing this coffee was. It was a white chocolate mocha. The milk was steamed for me, the espresso was freshly made, and the white chocolate was melted white chips not syrup. Plus he made whipped cream with a kitchen aide mixer! I don't want to know how many calories were in it but, it was quite tasty

Wednesday: This would be the downfall of the week. I failed a test I thought I had passed. I'm quite annoyed because I knew the material. I didn't blank out. My rationale didn't match up with the professors...and that's where the majority of my missed points came from. That and I wasn't specific enough apparently. I almost freaked out but, I figured out what I have to get on the final and still be good to pass the class...and I'm feeling like that's an obtainable goal. Then I was told that I couldn't be in timbrels for the Christmas drill. Also annoying because unless I can do timbrels and student teach next fall, this is my last chance to do timbrels for Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas. I spent the night working diligently on more of my work sample stuff for LPA (Learn Performance Assessment) and for my Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum class (RWAC).

Thursday: I butchered an assignment for RWAC that I turned in on Tuesday. I completely had the wrong idea...probably because my mind was swarming with work sample stuff. That and in this class we've been talking about similar writing types (portfolio pieces, essay, open response, writing prompts, and on demand writing) can see how I might have gotten confused. But I am able to fix it! I wasn't feeling too hot about my work sample stuff that was due today either but, I did better than I thought. It was just a draft and I have to fix a few things. Overall...I'm thrilled. I really have no desire to teach in a school however, there are really usual things for where I am headed in the near future. Corps activities were fun as usual. I love hanging out with the kids and helping out there!

Friday: I slept in and woke up because my supervisor called wondering if I was Ok. I'm never late for work. I rushed a bit this morning but I got there in one piece. And the gracious supervisor didn't write me up for being late. I received a chocolate bar in CPO today too! Tonight, I'm spending q-time with my pal Morgan!

I'll end this post with another photo.


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