Sunday, June 18, 2006

Our First Sunday

Hello Friends!

Well, we experienced our first Sunday meeting. We attended the only English speaking corps in the territory. It is a small corps. The THQ is near it though so several of the THQ officers attend this corps. The uniforms are white or blue sarees for the women and white shirt, navy slacks for the guys. No one where's shoes when entering a Holy building. I quite enjoy that although my feet get rather dirty.

The team seems to meshing well together so far. We have been living in luxary so far. All of our rooms have AC. The bathrooms are set up a little differently. There is no curtain for the's just right in there w/ the toilet. We have a western looking toilet. Most of the toilets are located close to the ground...which means squatting. I have yet to experience that but...I'm sure I will.

There are always random dogs and cows in the street. The people drive like they do in NYC. There is constant horn beeping and few traffic lights. I have only seen lights at major intersections. Many people ride on motor bikes...I"ve seen many families of 3 or 4 crowded on a bike. Usually no one is wearing a helmet. :(

Today we encountered children beggers...very hard to endure b/c there was nothing I or the team could do for them. They kept tapping our arms and saying hello. I've seen whole families of people sleeping on the streets.

More later.


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