Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

Holy heat! I got a little too much sun yesterday. We went to an amusement park with the teachers from the Salvation Army School we've been at for about a week. I actually enjoyed myself. I took the opportunity to get to know some of the female teachers better. One of them really tugged on my heart. She's a Hindu. She has such a beatiful smile and personality. She's a Social Science teacher which is a huge interest of mine. I've sat in a few of her classes. The kids at the school are so precious. Every morning they have an assembly and they sing songs. The Indian people are big on songs with actions. On Friday they had a special assembly and our mission team were the chief guests. We put pins on student leaders, took pictures, and performed for them. The school gave each of us a gift. The girls recieved material to make an outfit. The boys received ready-made polos. The clothes are very comfy here. And cheap compared to what I am used to. I have several outfits that were made to my size. It was neat except I don't like when they say my measurements out loud. I try not to cringe every time my bust size is said.

Let's see there are random cows everywhere in this country. Several of the youths think I'm cute. I've had girls pinch my cheeks...hard. Like an old lady would do! I guess they don't see dimples often. I've had boys tell me they like my hair too. Hand holding is big in India...hugging not so much. There are also random stray dogs on the street. I experienced my first authentic Indian bathroom this week. By authentic I mean...I have to squat down and do my business close to the ground. It's like a toilet in the floor...except it doesn't flush. You use a bucket of water for that and to well...clean up as there is no toilet paper. The hotel we're staying at has a westernized toilet in case you were curious. ;)

On Monday night we will go to a boy's and girl's home that houses orphans and semi-orphans. I'm looking forward to this experience.


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