Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some New Firsts and a Retraction

Well, I've had my license for several weeks now and have been driving since June. Hopefully, that statement doesn't scare the other drivers on the road. I've had some recent first with my car, whom I affectionately refer to as Felipe. That being's some recent firsts that some of you that also drive may recall from your own beginning driving experiences.

  • The first time I put gas in the car, I almost drove away with my gas cap and cover/door thing open! It was good for me that someone noticed after I had moved about 2 feet.

  • I survived my first long solo journey covering multiple states and routes!

  • I was at a point in my long solo journey that I needed to re-fuel. I found a place to pull off and get gas. Unfortunately, my haste to re-fuel, I forgot that I had to go to the bathroom. I started to fuel...but then realized I wasn't going to make it. So, I stopped paid like $3.00 on my card and ran to the conveinant store to use the restroom. Several minutes later, I finished putting gas in my car, at the same pump.

  • Once when coming back from a trip to see a friend, I turned the wrong way off of the exit and was heading in the opposite direction than I needed to be going. I was talking to my mom b/c I was freaking out about not going where I needed to be. I found a place to turn around but accidently turned into the wrong lane...there wasn't an accident (Praise the Lord) but I looked like a huge idiot.

  • I had my first experience cutting someone off and also experienced that man's intense rage.

  • I am still in awe that I can go anywhere by myself without having to ask someone to take me or take anyone with me.
    I love driving at night! There's something relaxing and peaceful about it.

  • A deer jumped out in front of me earlier this week. It was a scary experience but...I'm glad that I didn't hit it or have an accident as a result of the animal popping out of the woods. And strangely enough, there was only one deer that morning (they seem to travel in packs, or something like that).

  • I had my first...I forgot I placed my coffee mug on top of car, and then proceeded to drive. Fortunately, my favorite coffee mug was not destroyed.

Well my next thought is very unrelated to the above. However, I deem it important to write about. In my last post I talked about student teaching and I mentioned what I thought would be my biggest weakness: a negative attitude. And regardless of the positive front I put on...the negative attitiude was there. I wrote something about how teaching is a mission field but not my mission field. I wish I could take those words back. The truth is my mission is where I am at. And right now, the majority of my time and life is being spent in school with teenagers. My mission field is teaching presently and I need to embrace it. Not get self pitying, not looking for a way around it, not faking my way through it, but embracing this time and experience. Truth be told, I don't know what to expect from this semester. It has already started out so differently...but not so different from the summer.
I may have mentioned this last post, so forgive me for any repeats. I feel like I had a taste of the real world this summer. And there were moments of difficulty and disappointment. I found that people weren't there when I wanted them to be there for me. My social calandar was pathetic until August rolled around. And although I'm sounding negative...I learned a lot this summer. A lot of valuable experience occurred. I ended leaning and depending more on the Lord than I thought I could. And then coming back to school rolled around. I prepared myself to expect differences. Many of my friends had graduated and moved away. But I also reassured myself that I would still have small group and my mentor. The truth is...small group may not be occurring this year. And if it does, it's probably going to look different from last year. And my mentor, I knew would have a fuller schedule this year...she's really excellent on being up front and realistic! So I knew our relationship would look different for most of this school year too. The small group one change has taken me by surprise though. And I'm realizing more and more that people aren't perfect. They can't always support or be there physically. I feel like I'm slowly getting to understand the adjustment it's going to be once college is offically over for me in December.

For right now I'm doing ok. I'm trying to stay in the take it one day at a time mode. However, I'm starting already to think ahead. Where will I live once December rolls around? Will I be able to afford an apartment? Will I need to find a roommate? Not to mention...funding all of this through some sort of employment. Do I take the first job I'm offered? Will there be anyone to guide me through this process...or is this going to be a giant leap of faith? Will my mentor no longer be my mentor because I'm no longer a student?

Any thoughts in regard to this post are welcome!


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