Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back at the 'Bury

Back at the 'Bury
Well, another school year is upon me...actually I've been in class for a week now. Except it was a different class. Student teacher camp. It was essentially a review of things we were taught before. It was a long week for me. Camp was from 9:15 AM-12:15 PM and 1:15 PM- 4:15 PM. On Thursday (last week), I had the opportunity to visit my school and meet my teacher. The drive is actually a plus because the view is gorgeous. It's the part of KY that I really enjoy :) The school seems nice, it's in a rural area and the diversity isn't high from a racial/ethnic view point. However...I'm anticipating getting to know these kids!
I realized in the last day of camp what my biggest weakness is going to be this semester. While I enjoy teaching, I know the Lord has called me to do something different. Teaching in a school is a mission field...however, it is not my mission field (meaning in a public school). Teaching is an incredible responsibility and gift. And I value everything that I have learned while enrolled in the education program at Asbury. However, this semester is aiming towards getting certified to teach in the state of KY, which is fine. In knowing that I'm going to be doing something different w/ my education then most people...I'm forseeing a vulnerability to a negative attitude. I'm not striving to get a job interview from a school...I'm striving to finish well. And I think that looking at this experience with an attitude to do well, will help my attitude stay in check.
Since being back, I have had a pretty good time. I hasn't been too weird being the old person on campus. I'm living on a great hall, I know several of the people that live on it :) I should back up a little bit. I drove down by myself and did quite well! It really boosted my confidence in my ability to get from one place to another. I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite professors. And being that I am a quality time person...I really soaked it all in, especially in knowing that we're both going to be really busy this semester. And I know that I won't see her as often as I would like to. I celebrated my birthday by moving my room around. And my suitemate's parents took me out to dinner. I continued celebrating my birthday this weekend. Some of my school friends took me out to Fiesta favorite Mexican restaurant. The waiter was made aware of my birthday so at the end of the meal...a sombrero was placed on my head, Happy Birthday was sung to me in SPANISH, and I got a free desert!
My last thought in all my bliss is this: On Tuesday, I enter the school not as a practicum student but essentially a professional. The impression that I make this semester will determine my grade. I don't know exactly what to expect yet...but I do anticipate getting to know the students. I anticipate challenges and many learning experiences. I am anticipating long days...and time spent in preparation. I am anticipating early mornings and a concerted effort towards an exercise routine. This time I'm going in with accountability in place, which should help.


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