Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy, Busy, Terribly Busy

I feel like busy is a good way to describe the near month it has been since my last post. Here's my attempt at being brief at what's happened since July 23rd.
The first big event was VBS. In my lifetime I have attended VBS and have helped out with it. However, this was my first time being completely in charge. My help was dependent on me to direct them and I felt like I needed 6 eyes and 8 arms to see, supervise, and do all that I did that week. We had way more children attend than I had pre-registered. It amazed me that parents would just let their children pop into a van without knowing who was driving and where they were going. Despite some nervousness, the Lord equipped me to be everything I needed to be in leading the VBS. In hindsight I would have done more training with my help as opposed to giving them a schedule and making sure they understood their jobs. We had some drama on our first night and I really thought we were going to have a law suit on our me on this: the Lord seriously interveined in this situation. No law suit and the child involved in the incident ended up coming back the rest of the week and her family came with her to church on Sunday! While the week was stressful I managed to find something to chuckle about to lift my spirit!
The next big thing was helping out around the building preparing for food bank re-sign-ups and closing out my job. I give people that do children's ministry on a regular basis a lot of credit after this summer. While I have an appreciation for the ministry my passion still lies with teenagers and adults. Don't get me wrong, I love kids...and I really enjoyed working with the littles preciouses I had this summer. I guess I see myself as more of an older kid/adult person. The point being I learned to adjust some more this summer and experienced the value of children's ministry in the church.
On the whole, I would say that I learned a lot about leadership this summer given the situations I endured. I became more secure in my decision making, not second guessing myself so much.
I passed my driver's test this month as well! It only took 3 times and a 3 hour drive to po-dunkville, USA. I failed the first time b/c I put way too much pressure on myself to pass. And everything was booked around my home area so I asked where the nearest place had a availibity. A 3 hour trip later, I find myself and mom in a small town where the closest movie theater is over 30 miles away. I failed my second time on the parrallel parking. I was in but not in enough. I managed to get in for the next day and I passed the third time! I was so relieved b/c if I had failed again, I would have had to change my plans and go back to school a whole lot earlier. In reference to driving I now have a car. I don't have any photos of him yet, but there will soon be ones! I've named him Felipe Kaliko Sanchez. I felt he needed to have a full name since he's my first car. I had my heart set on a bright yellow car, however, I ended up with a cute silver Ford Focus. I'm not much of a Ford person, but I'm getting used to him!
I leave to go back to school on Thursday. I have yet to start packing. I'm really a last minute packer. I don't like being half-packed and half-unpacked. My first step is to figure out what I need and don't need to bring back with me. Whatever I bring has to fit in my car. And also what I'm not going to use in the next few days.
I'm feeling a little uncertain about returning. One being that I feel like the old person on campus. I have yet to secure a job (but believe i can get one watching the desk). I am being limited in the amount of hours I am allowed to work...which is truly frustrating to me. Also my birthday falls on this coming Saturday. I don't want to sound self pitying but I have a feeling it's going to be forgotten. The people who would have went out of their way at school are pretty much graduated. And most people will be moving in on Sunday...oh well, maybe I'll end up surprised.
I think that's it for now! Hope you all in blogger land are doing well too!


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