Monday, July 23, 2007

Too Narrow or None At All

Well, I'm been meaning to write since last week but, work has sort of taken over my life, in a sense anyway. :)

I've been perplexed lately with vision. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am attempting to understand more about politics and where my beliefs fall in the political realm. The second chapter of God's Politics is entitled: A Lack of Vision- Too Narrow or None at All. This title, has captured my attention. Perhaps because I myself have been wrestling with the vision of my church, a church I know, I am being prepared to work for one day. Does my church have a vision at all or has it become narrowed? Or perhaps, the vision has been knocked off kilter by priorities of leaders? While, I do realize that leaders are humans too, I am greatly concerned with the priorities of leaders, that I have been exposed to this summer. Can I trust that these leaders have been appointed by God and are seeking his face daily, regarding their leadership, decisions to make/made, and the people they serve in this division? Can anything to done to hold our leaders in better accountability. I read once, that it is important as a leader to be held accountable so that nothing you do can be called into question. I like this as, regardless what position we hold, we all need to held accountable. Once we're out of that accountability range, we're more apt to sin and the next thing we know we're doing things in secret, that we probably shouldn't be. Perhaps that is why there has been a pattern of priests mollesting boys, there isn't a stable accountability system for the priest. I'm not saying that a strong and stable accountability system is the be all and end all solution, but it's a start in the right direction.

Two things have helped encourage me through all the unexpectedness of this summer:

1. God is bigger than human decision. If we as humans make a mess of things b/c of selfish or politically based choices, God can still use it for his glory!
2. I was made to endure hard things, no matter how frustrating, angry, alone, or hurt I may personally feel, I never will be truely alone! The Lord is my rear guard (one of my favorite descriptions of Him)!! The Lord has been showing me in pieces, his dream for my life, which involves devoting my life to serve in my church. I consider it to be an honor and challenge. And I know that everything I have experienced this summer has played a part helping me to understand his dream for me.
Perhaps, I am not making much sense, I often think I don't make sense to anyone but the Lord, God who created me. I don't want to come off over-dramatic as is a tendency of mine. Things haven't been incredibly bad to be honest. B/c when I've started to feel confused, the Lord has provided a defense for me, using people to be a physical rear guard in those moments!

Another word that must go along with vision is passion. Have we lost our passion too?!? How do we keep our passion alive despite those things that seem to tug at it? Things like frustrations and hurts...hmm I'll have to do more thinking and praying about that one.
For those of you who are apart of the TSA, try to find time this week to read through Isaiah 58. It's a chapter, that I seem to associate with the ministry and potential of the SA. Read it and let me know your thoughts.

I have been quite serious in my posts as of late, I don't think this is totally appropriate but, I recently saw one of my favorite movies. This would be Dirty Dancing. It ranks in the favorites because:
1. It takes place in 1960s, I decade that never fails to fascinate me.
2. There is great music.
3. There is dancing.
4. And quite possibly the most ridiculous line, but my favorite part of the movie. The character played by Patrick Swayze, walks up to a table during the last program. And he quotes to Baby's family, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."


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