Thursday, June 07, 2007


I have several things to anticipate about.
1. I am preaching at church on Sunday, June 10. This is rather close. Check your planner, calandar, or PDA if you don't believe me!
2. My wonderful officers have received moving orders. Which means new ones coming in. I am in anticipation...hoping that I will mesh well them.
3. I have offically passed all of my Praxis Exams for the state of Kentucky! (and my scores passed in the other states I sent them too!) This means I can anticipate student teaching without a re-take looming over my head :)
4. And I wait in anticipation for what the Lord will do through my youth pastor who is also moving on to another church.
All of these things have the potential to be exciting. My current officers have been an incredible example to me, they are honest and live lives of integrity. I feel like I can ask them harder questions and Capt. Mrs. takes them on without fear or condemnation. Their new appointment will increase their ministry and provide them with a new set of challenges. The area covered is larger compared to the current appointment. I am anticipating what the Lord will be doing through them in their new corps. As for the new people coming in, I hope they are excited and looking forward to ministry to children and youth. I want to be positive about them coming in. I want them to see the potential our corps has and see how they can continue programs/ministries. I am hoping that they will be anticipating forming relationships with our corps members as well as numerous volunteers. Also in anticipation for others, my youth pastor is taking on a new position after 9 years at my family's church. I consider him to be my youth pastor because it was under his leadership that my life changed forever. He led to Christ in a way that I understood and took seriously. He gave me plenty of leadership experiences and allowed me to speak...trusting what I was going to say without even reading over my outlines. That is trust! I can only imagine what the Lord is going to do to increase his ministry in a new church, in a relatively nearby community. I am excited about how he is going to grow in faith, experience, and leadership with this new job.
For myself personally, I am looking forward to preaching. Knowing that this is what I want to spend my life doing, this will add to my experiences. I will also be running the program on Sunday as the officers will be out of town. I feel relieved about passing my education tests. I was genuinely concerned because I had to describe and answer a question about an economics graph I had never seen before in my life. I felt like I didn't prepare well for the sort of creeped up on me. But I did well enough to pass the first time around for all 3 of my tests!!
I wouldn't say that I am anticipating this yet but...I recently had an opportunity to hold and feed a 6 week old baby. It was such a precious experience. Seeing how small we all start and knowing that we grow and mature rather quickly. I was amazed and in awe! And I'm silently hoping to have more interactions with this baby over the summer. She's a cutie (ok I think that about most children/babies, but still...)!
Are you in the blog world anticipating anything this summer? Or at all?

P.S. There's one more thing I'm anticipating. I'm attempting to grow sunflowers this summer. Mind you I've never been a green thumb. But in my attempt, I've seen green leafy business shoot up. Hopefully this means flowers are coming!


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