Saturday, April 14, 2007

The End is Drawing Nearer...

As I write this entry on a late Saturday morning, my mind is swirling with deadlines I need to meet. Yesterday, April 13, marked a month until I graduate from college. Well, technically I walk and then fulfill my student teaching requirements in the fall. Anyway, I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by deadlines I need to meet in my life.
April 17: Resource file is due and I'm micro-teaching to my peers for methods
April 18: My revised classroom management lesson plan is due...which I will get to teach to my class and handle some sort of discipline problem in the upcoming weeks.
April 20: My senior seminar paper is due (18-20 pgs)
April 21: Put up my bulletin board for my unit.
April 23: Christian Theology paper due.
April 25: The preferable date for me to turn in my unit on the 1960s.
April 28: I take my last 2 Praxis exams at UK.
May 3: Alternative date to turn in my completed unit.
Then comes finals, graduation prep, and I walk on Sunday, May 13.
I come home and will break for about a week and then start my summer job on May 21.
I also have a doctor's appointment thrown in there, a possible conference, some social activites, and I also have to complete the SASF yearbook by the end of the school year picnic...Buckles will be busy.
Despite all that is required of me to complete by certain dates, I plan on enjoying my last month of school. Looking back over this semester, I don't regret any decisions I've made regarding the relationships I've formed with other people. I've grown deeper with some, and had opportunities to get to know others a bit better. One thing I've been blessed with is a little sister. I've never had one before, but it's great to have her in my life. As much as I try to teach her, she has taught me. And it's fun to have someone to argue with in a sisterly manner. She is why I'm looking forward to returning in the fall, as we'll be sharing a suite in the dorm. It will be a little weird to go back to the dorm after living in the apartment this school year, but I'll adjust.
And now I'm going to get on to typing that senior sem paper...that is after I've cleaned up the mess that is my room. It's quite distracting!



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