Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life and Such

It's been almost a month since my last post. I have had stuff I wanted to post but, my life has been taken over by my classes. I have a lot to get accomplished today but I felt the need to write a new post.

Classes are going well so far. I only have 14 hours this semester but, all of my classes are 300 or 400 level. I do enjoy most of my classes though. Christian Theology has its moments but I do like it. I really love my Behavioral Interventions's all about identifying behaviors that are innappropriate, coming of an intervention, and implementing it. I actually get to go into a school to do this project. I'm not such a fan of my methods class. One reason being that it is long and only offered once a week. Another is that once we split up into content areas it's just me and one other girl. I know that the professor isn't comparing us but I feel like she is anyway. There is a lot of work with this class. I actually have to write out a lesson plan and teach this coming Thursday! I'm also in a Senior Seminar for my emphasis in education. It's an okay class. And I'm also taking a course called Classroom Management. I like it and I feel like there's some practical stuff that I can apply to areas outside of a classroom setting.

I love my small group that I am apart of. I'm the only Salvationist in the group but it's been a great atmosphere for me to grow and be challenged. I just read a blog entry about authentically living out faith which is becoming a focus point for our group. I've been looking for ways to get more involved and being a servant to others. I'm not really sure if I'm on the right path so to speak but I babysat last night, sacrificing something I wanted to do to help someone else out. Did I have to but so much of my heart has been consumed with helping others out using the abilities I've been given.

Lent...for much of my life I ignored this tradition. Last year was my first attempt and I failed. This year I came up with two things I wanted to accomplish during the Lenten season. I'm giving up something but I'm also adding something else. I decided that concentrating on someone else...keeping a particular person in prayer for 40 days would be beneficial especially since what I'm giving up will free up some time for this person. I do regularly pray for this person but I feel like I should really just press in particularly for this person.
And now I'm going to leave you all with a question that I would appreciate feedback on. Well questions...

What characteristics does a leader have? Can aspects of leadership be learned or is it all natural/born with? Who is the ideal leader to you? If you are a leader, do you consider yourself to be an example to others? Is leadership just a role or a hat that you take on or off?


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