Sunday, June 11, 2006

In About 24 Hours...

...I will check out of my hotel and check-in at the Newark Airport. We have a night flight that is going to London. Then about a four hour lay over and a long 10 hour flight to Chennai, India...we will be in Madras for the first part of our trip.

I'm really getting excited. I've had a good weekend in New York and New Jersey. My corps officers, rock my socks! I don't think they'll ever know how thankful I am for them. I'm thankful that my path has crossed with many other incredible human beings. :) I got to quickly catch up with some of them this weekend. So a shout out to Majors Kevin and Cheriann Stoops, and new Captains: Dave & Darlene Means and Dave jr & Kristen Means! It was great to see you all this weekend! The three meetings I attended during Commissioning Weekend were long. Like over 3 hours. I had to take part briefly in a meeting on Saturday night. It was an Hispanic Celebration so the entire meeting was in Spanish. I had one of those translation devices...mine was shady and didn't work very well. I was glad that I didn't trip coming up or off the stage when the Comish. prayed over our teams.

I'm excited to be stretched this summer. I welcome challenge and opportunities to learn. I'm secretly hoping I'll get to ride and elephant or camel this summer. Today I was asked if I was mixed b/c of my hair. I thought the question was a little odd but I have been asked that before...believe it or not.

Question of the day: What is the oddest question someone has asked you and what was your reply?

Me: It's between asking me if I was mixed b/c of my hair or when someone asked if I was an Indian once. I have nothing against those races/ethnicities but I really don't see myself in either group. I calmly said no that I wasn't either of those in reply.


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