Monday, February 04, 2008

Best Friends

This morning I woke up thinking about how many times in my life I have used the term best friend in reference to a good friend I had at the time. Thinking about who filled the role as my best friend over the years...I am slightly sad to say that several of these friendships have slipped to the wayside.

In reflecting upon my childhood, I had two guy friends both named Joey. They both lived across the street from me but one was closer than the other. We would always be at one another's homes, playing games, and riding big wheel's down hills. In the winter we would go sledding. Joey 1 moved away and as I grew older Joey 2 and I went our separate ways. He used to irratate the world out of me at our bus stop in the morning. Either his smart mouth got pine cones and snow balls thrown in our direction or he would tattle on me to the busdriver b/c I was finishing my breakfast on the bus...and we weren't allowed to eat on the bus. Later on when we were in high school we became close friends again...and that lasted until my sophomore year in college. Since then, we talk occasionally.

Next, in middle school, in particular 7th grade...Melissa was my next best friend. We hung out after school, and that summer, I was always at her house. It was she who introduced me to The Salvation Army. However, our best-friendship was short lived. We were no longer best friends by 8th grade. She became friends with someone else and "liked" her better. I of course was crushed. But I persevered and moved on.

In high school Melissa and I became aquaintences, Tasha (that other girl from 8th grade) became a close friend, Colleen introduced me to Linkin Park, and Tasha, Colleen, and myself seemed to always be at Missy's. Those were some great memories. High school is also when Camp Allegheny entered my life as a place of employment. It was the summer of my 9th grade year and I met my next best friend. Frannie was persistant as I was not interested in being friends with her period. However...her persistance won over my resistance. And we became quick friends. Our friendship has had some bumps over the years and we've both done our share of hurting each other. But I truely hope I never lose Frannie as a friend. I have learned much from her.

In college, I met several people who eventually earned the title friend. I didn't meet someone that I wanted to use the term best with until I met Rachel. She was so different than me. She challenged me, encouraged me, broadened my movies I've seen list, and ultimately I became a better person emotionally, spiritually, and socially. When she graduated from college and moved back to her home state, I was really sad because I knew things would be different. I still consider us to be friends...and I hope that she feels the same. I really want to be able to visit her sometime this year. The next person, that became a close friend to me was my roomie in college, Lauren Halsey...we shared some incredible times in the dorm and the apartment. When Lauren graduated...Morgan and I started to become close friends. I treasure our friendship immensely. She is gold, precious, and true. She's a constant encouragement and she let's me call her L-Dub.

In reflecting over these friendships my life and who I am has benefited by who I have chosen to be friends with and who has crossed my path. These are only a few of the people that have blessed, challenged, encouraged, and loved me. I may use the term best friend loosely. Some people believer there is only one best friend and that's it...but I see it differently. There have been best friends for each major chapter thus far in my life. The only one consistant through all those matter how little I knew at times, is of course, Jesus.

Who are your friends? How have they blessed, challenged, encouraged, and loved you? Think about those friendships that were only meant for a season. There was purpose in that relationship. There is purpose in all our relationships no matter how short or long they last.


Blogger jsi said...

My best friend of the past 10 years was a neighbor who lived across the street from our home on Sherwood Dr. Her friendship was not just for me, but from her family for my family. Her diagnosis of lung cancer felt like my left arm got cut off without anesthesia. Such an aggressive cancer took her within 2 years, but her cancer changed my life.

The regrets I have in life are few, but I will always regret that I missed seeing her a last time by 4 days. Moving to MA took us 10 hours away from her and our trip to OH was planned to include a stop to see her. No one could know how quickly she would go, but we will always remember how deeply she influenced our lives.

I agree with you, dearheart - life makes sense when sharing it with a friend. No matter how old I become, I will always, always miss Julie.

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