Monday, April 10, 2006

To everything there is a season...

I spent this past weekend in Lexington and hung out with the Bible Bowl teens. It was fun and my highlight of the weekend was what one of the teens said to me. "You look like a freakin' Hispanic with your hair cut that way!". He really ment that as a complement. I found it funny and slightly ironic. While I think hispanics are beautiful people. I do not look like one by means of skin tone. I am incredibly white and my tan has a reddish hue to it. I got my hair cut last Thursday by the way. I needed it. My hair was getting too long and it's starting to warm up outside. I've gotten lots of nice complements on it, including the above. Some people thought I had dyed it again. Which I didn't. I guess the red is more noticable now.

This week is holy week and in my history of religion in the USA class, we are talking about the holiness movement. Ironic or what. Easter is actually my favorite holiday. It wasn't always that way but in the last few years it has become my favorite. I will be speaking and "dancing" at my family's church for their sunrise service. Regardless of where my church membership has been I have always participated in this service. So if you all think of it please be praying for me as I prepare to share.

I'm finding myself in this place where I really don't want to be studying the subjects I'm taking here. I'd rather be studying and doing other things that are up on my priority list. I'm really trying to not slack off especially since the end of the school year is coming up so fast. incredible procrastinating skills have been shining through lately. I still have to write a 10 page minimum paper by Wednesday. :sad:

Question of the day: When you did Easter egg hunts as a child did you look for plastic candy filled eggs or real ones?

Me: The plastic candy filled ones were a part of my Easter egg hunting past. At home we've gotten into this tradition of dying real eggs on Saturday night. They're on display for Easter and then my mom does something with them.


Blogger Nicole_Marietta said...

so, are you in rochester???? if so, when do you run back to KY? We've gotta get together! Call me

3:54 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

how did the service go?


11:56 PM


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