Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jersey Trip

I just returned from a weekend in New Jersey. I was there because it was the Orientation Weekend for my summer mission team experience in India. I am so excited about the summer even more so now! While I was incredibly intimidated at first mainly because I knew no one on my team or on the other team going to Bolivia. You may be thinking that everyone else was in the same boat. No. Actually, everyone else knew at least one other person in the room pretty well except one other guy. So maybe you can see why I was intimidated. My team is nice and i think that we will work well together. We all have different giftings. I'm looking forward to getting to know these people better. I learned that I will get to wear a sari (spelling?) as my uniform for the trip. I got to try one will be an interesting experience. And the women will be wearing a pants and tunic thing that women wear as well. I'm excited about the clothes, I won't lie. I'm going to have to get into the habit of doing squats with weights again. Aparently the restroom in most places will be a hole in the ground. And this one is going to be the real challenge. People in India only eat with their right hand and I am left handed. They generally don't use utensils so maybe it will be easier than I think. We will be working with children a lot too and helping them with English.

I also learned today that on the way back from India we have a long lay over in London, England. It was originally only for 8 hours but since everyone agreed we're going to stay for a day and get to see London!!!! I am really excited about this one if you can't tell by the 4 exclamation marks. I've never been there before and I've always wanted to visit at least once. Hint, hint: Tim I don't know where in London we'll be but it would be great to see you, Jamie, and Lyv if possible.

Question of the day: Do you like thunderstorms?

Me: I actually used to be a afraid of them. They used to be the only thing that could wake me from a deep sleep. But now I've grown to appreciate them and don't mind watching them...however you won't see me frolicking around in them anytime soon.


Blogger Tim said...

Ok girl, you’d better get me the date of your London layover ASAP! I’ll definitely hook up with you. How long, exactly, will your layover be? We may be able to sneak you out of the airport and show you a few sights.

Jamie has the pants and tunic thing that you’re referring to (I assume it’s the same thing. Is it pants with a really long shirt?). A lot of women around here wear them (because we don’t live in an English neighbourhood). I actually think they look nice. Some men wear them as well.

Alright, get me that date as soon as you can. I’m really hoping that I’m here for it.


12:29 AM

Blogger Rachel said...

Annie...I was thinking...what about Antonio Banderas? ;-) Have a great time this weekend.

3:01 PM


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