Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm in Awe

Here's the summary of the weekend trip home! By the way, those of you that pray for my should know that there is some positive change going on!

Thursday: I come home and order pizza. Mom and I hang out.

Friday: Shopping. I found an amazing skirt on sale and a sweater to go with it! Mom actually made a home cooked meal...something I had been wanting considering that an opportunity for a home-cooked meal is rare.

Saturday: I slept in a little, did some errands, and put together my support letters for India. Relaxed during the afternoon but spent some quality time with my Easter Message and dance. Mom took me to a movie which was enjoyable. We came back and I finished my message for the next morning.

Sunday: An early morning but incredibly wonderful. I was a tad bit concerned about giving the message. But it went well. I also went to my corps for their service. I figured out my ride to get to Comissioning. What can I say? I have great officers! Afterwards, my family successfully had a meal together. My mom actually said a prayer before eating!!! I relaxed and napped for most of the afternoon.

Monday: Went to breakfast with my friend Brenda. We had a great conversation and the food wasn't too bad. I finished packing my stuff and left to meet Nicole (my ride). Nicole and I made great time today on the road. In fact, we actually ate lunch in Wendy's instead of just getting it to go. For some reason, I decided to bring in my purse to the restaurant. However, I left it there in Ohio. I didn't notice it was missing until Nicole and I stopped at a Wallgreen's in Lexington, KY. Our pit-stop was 3 hours back. Nicole had her cell though and with the help of the internet and Nicole's parents we figured out the phone number for the Wendy's we ate at. They had my purse!! Relief. Getting my purse was going to be the tricky part though. We called Nicole's parents back to see if they could give us a phone number for a Salvation Army pastor/officer in the area. The handy dispo (Salvation Army phone and address book) provided us with someone. We called the pastor/officer and he went down to the Wendy's to pick up my purse. We called the Wendy's to tell them whom to expect. My purse is being mailed tomorrow! I'm very lucky that my purse wasn't stolen and that someone was able to get to me.

Well, I have a paper to start that is due on Wednesday from my experience in Washington, DC. All I can say is good thing I took notes because that trip was a while ago.

Question of the day: Which activity would you rather do at night: watch the stars in a quiet place or go skinny dipping?

Me: This is a hard choice. I love watching the stars on a clear evening. However...skinny dipping is a bit of a risky choice, and that sparks my interest. So skinny dipping it is! Maybe one night I'll actually do it and the stars will be out in all of their glory too!


Blogger Tim said...

(shaking my head...with a grin)

Get out your standards list because "no skinny dipping" DEFINATELY needs to be on it! : )

3:41 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

is there a secret to posting a picture on this thing, some special extra thing you have to do?

by the way, you should try it, it's great fun, especially at night ;-)

4:11 PM


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