Sunday, April 23, 2006

Change: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Spring is in the air in Kentucky. We have been blessed with some incredible weather on top of ridiculously loud thunder storms that have kept me up for hours. I am quite a deep sleeper but thunder storms always seem to wake me up. Anyway...Spring is a sign of change from winter to new life. Which is good.

I am not one that naturally adjusts to change well. I have learned to actually not mind changes in schedules or plans. I credit six summers working at camp for this. I am have even tackled hard changes in my personal life. Although I initially resisted...I realized that I was going to have to deal with it. And I am a healthier person from dealing.

However, change is coming my way again with the end of the school year a few weeks away. And this change I don't want to take place even though I know that it has to. I do not do very well with good-byes. Several of my friends will be moving on come mid-May. Some of them I may never see again. And that saddens me. Because I am a better person from meeting some of them. And I've had some great memories too. I know that God will use these people in great ways. I know that just because a friend moves does not mean that the friendship is over...but it takes a lot of work to maintain friendships over distance. And then there's the whole idea that some friendships are only for a season...I have a hard time with this one as well.

Realistically, I know that change has to happen and ultimately the majority of changes are good ones. Maybe this change in several friendships will not be as ugly as I am anticipating. I know that it will not be easy...but maybe some of the adaptiveness that I have picked up in other types of changes will come in handy in a couple of weeks.

Question of the day: Would you rather have ice cream or a popsicle on a hot day?

Me: I prefer ice cream...preferably anything that combines chocolate and coffee.


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