Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break...aah

Well my Spring Break started as of yesterday. I am currently in the state of Indiana before we embark out west to Colorado tomorrow. Today has been really laid back and relaxing. A nice change to the constant mindset I have of keep going and busyness galore. I have an unrealistic goal of finishing 2 of the many books that I am supposed to be reading for my classes. I am enjoying the art of skimming but it's not always applicable to the books I have to read.

This week I've really been into the word. I was "challenged" to read 1 Corinthians 13 every day this week. I failed but I did read it more than once. I actually started at chapter 12 for context and ended at the beginning of 14. Anyway, I pulled some interesting things out of the readings. I read from three different versions: the NIV, the Message, and the Amplified Bible. Anyway, I'm going to reflect on what I pulled out. I was also challenged to metitate over the first 3 chapters of Proverbs. I read chapter 2 last night but I was really tired and didn't get very far.

I've been wrestling with the fact that I am a selfish person. I have spent a lot of time recently talking about myself and caring more about what others think about me. Maybe that's not being selfish per se. Is it bad that I get excited when my roommate leaves for several hours and I get the room to myself? Don't get me wrong, I love my roommate but sometimes it's just nice to have a space to your own. Or how about that I spend a lot of time praying for myself? I do pray for others often but I don' think I do it often enough. I realize that only myself and God could really know my motives when I pray.

Question of the day: When you wake up in the morning, how do you start your day?

Me: I usually start it with a shower and I make decaf coffee. Currently the coffee choice has been decaf espresso from Starbucks with Hazelnut creamer. Although this week was a bit different. I drank water on most mornings and had coffee in the afternoon.


Blogger Tim said...

I'm married and am still glad when I get a break from my roommate every once in a while. : )

3:54 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

breakfast(oatmeal!!!) and devos

1:45 PM


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