Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Room Smells Like a Campfire

Since I know your all dying to know the rest of my Spring Break Adventure...buckle up because it's quite the tale!

We left for Kansas City from Indiana with no problems. The mini-van we were using for the trip was equipped with a sweet dvd player and wireless headphones. So time seemed to pass quicker for me. I saw Bad Boys 2, a lot of Alias, Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Green Gables the Sequal. We stayed the night at family member's house with the intent of taking off the next morning. However...lots of snow was predicted for the area we were going to be driving through and the weather channel warned that part of 70 had been shut down. So we opted to stay in Kansas City. The weather wasn't bad there so we went out and discovered Cabelas. It's a sporty store with a lot of dead taxidermied animals. In the store we saw everything from Polar bears to Elephants. We then had lunch at Ted's Montana Grill. We all ordered burgers...bison burgers. It was actually good. A first for me. The restaurant had great pickles too! We went out to dinner and enjoyed pizza made at d'Bronx. Very enjoyable.

The next morning we embarked for our destination of Colorado Springs. We got there in one piece. We ate dinner and then unloaded the moving van. We worked as a team and my arms got a little buffer ;)Really, don't be jealous of my guns! We then crashed in a great hotel called the Drury Inn. The next day was a bit cloudy but we hung out with Peter and Mindy. We visited Focus on the Family and the Garden of the Gods. We got to see more of Colorado Springs and eat at some great restaurants. We enjoyed some authentic Mexican and exprienced: The Elephant Bar and Grill. The Elephant had an African theme to it. The decor was really cool. They also had the best oriental chicken salad. It was amazing. It had some of my favoriate things: mandarin oranges, mangos, and cilantro. Plus grilled chicken and it was topped with rice noodles. Anyway, we then went back to the hotel. While in Colorado we discovered that there was a problem with the coolant part of the van. I don't know much technical jargon but if we would have traveled back to Indiana the engine would have been damaged severlly. Thank God for getting us there safely!

The next day we said good-bye and enjoyed Jamba Juice. A wonderful and healthy smoothie. And of course there are none in Kentucky. We made it to Kansas City for the night at another Drury Inn. The next morning as we were getting ready to depart...there were helicopters and police. Well...supposedly. I never saw the police but Rachel's mother saw them and felt that they were looking for someone in the hotel. We left after the police were gone and were, "On the Road Again". We made it back to Indiana in great time.

On Saturday...I enjoyed some Panera and spent some time in a bookstore. We were looking at Bibles and I was looking for a small pocket-like size Bible...meaning one that's about the size of a normal photo (4 x 6). I wanted to take a small one with me to India because of limited space. However, I'm in the predicament of deciding on a version/translation. I have 2 NIV Bibles, the TNIV (it was given to me), and The Message Remix. I'm most familiar with the NIV but I don't need another one. So does anyone out there know anything about the ESV or NLT? Those are the two translations I am considering between. Anyway...while at the bookstore I came across a great book that I can't put down. I'll share more when I finish the book...but I will say this. It's about one of my giftings and it's been neat to learn more about it. I'm not as scared of it as I was before. I know that sounds weird but my mind keeps telling me that I am unworthy to have been given this gift of the Spirit. And that thought is crap...put nicely. My good friend reminded me that's it's time I started accepting who I am and stop thinking that I'm unworthy.

Today we went to church. And then had a last meal with Rachel's parents. What I liked best about them was that they were real. There wasn't any show or pretend kindness. It was the real deal. They were very accepting of me and I felt like I fit right in. I witnessed the love of Christ through these people. After church we had lunch, spent some time reading, and then traveled back to the 'bury. Rachel and I took turn picking songs from our ipods. It was fun b/c the genre changed frequently and we both experienced new songs that we liked.

Well...I start my new shift tomorrow in the caf. And I have to do some un-packing. However, there is a movie party going on in my room currently so I can't un-pack. Hopefully, the movie won't last too long.

Question of the day: Which version or translation of the Bible do you like reading the most and why?

Me: I'm most familiar with the NIV and I like it alot. I have an appreciation for The Message though. I like that it uses comtemporary language.

Oh and the movie just ended so looks like I'll have time to un-pack some.


Blogger Tim said...

First of all, I doubt very seriously that you had “authentic Mexican food” in Colorado. Tex Mex, maybe, but even that would be a stretch.

Second, I’ve fallen in love with The New Living Bible. I didn’t like The Living Bible at all, but the new one is awesome. I use it all the time and even preach from it. For studying, I’m told that the New American Standard is supposed to be the most accurate. Evidently it was translated word for word rather than thought by thought.

Finally, not a one of us are worthy of the Spirit's gifts. That's where grace comes in! : )

12:14 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

I agree. We aren't "worthy" of anything really, but there is grace. I guess what I meant more directly to that is to allow God to develop them in you instead of contining to push the idea away because you don't think he possibly could. I was reminded once that when we question who we are, how we were created, we question God. God did make us this way on purpose, and if he wants to gift us with something it is by no means our place to question that decision in regards to who we are, he knows what he's doing. So keep up that "FAITH"and get excited!

1:55 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Sure! Sorry, just read the message today but I can get it to you when you get back. I hope your trip goes well!!

5:30 PM


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