Monday, March 13, 2006

Good Day Sunshine :)

Aah...I just got back tonight from a weekend spent in Florida. I didn't see any beaches but I enjoyed visiting Tampa and Clearwater. I actually down south for a group trip. The Salvation Army Student Fellowship I'm in had our Spring Ministry Weekend. It was an enjoyable time. My roommate for the weekend, Nicole was great! The beds in the hotel were incredible too. I became well aquainted with the percussion section of the brass band. Since I sing in the tour group and space was limited I had the grand pleasure of sitting in the midst of the percussion section for every performance. It was a little awkward to sit in the band and not play. We went to the nicest ARC (Adult Rehab Center) that I have ever been to on Friday night. On Saturday, we went to Busch Gardens in the morning. Overall, it was fun. I went on some rides and took some pictures. That night we had a concert at the Clearwater Corps. I actually saw 2 familiar faces in the crowd. The former Divisional Commander and his wife (WPA) are retired and soldier at the Clearwater corps. It was great to see the DeMichael's again! This morning, we played and sang in the service at the Tampa Corps. We had lunch at the ARC in Tampa and then went to the airport to fly back to Kentucky.

I've decided after this weekend that pantyhose is dreadful. I really don't enjoy the whole process of putting those things on. Not that I know anyone who does. I've also decided that I am in need of a new blouse before this summer. The problem is that my blouses fit me funny and they are expensive. I want to pick one that will last a while and fit well. On my list of things I need to do before the mission trip, I also need to get my other skirt hemmed. I'm hoping that it fits better than my current one.

This weekend I got to read a chapter in a book I started recently. The chapter was about Imposters and how the author compares his faith with Santa. It got me thinking about how I view God and it challenged to think about how I present by beliefs about God to other people. There are Christians that mis-represent God and end up turning people away from God. The author talked about a tele-evangelist named Robert Tilton as an example. More thoughts on this chapter to come.

Question of the day: What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Me: I am currently using Crest Whitening with Scope. It's fresh and minty.


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Uh, that's David CROWDER, not David CHROWDER. : )

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