Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, Happy Day...

Today was one of those blah mood days. I didn't go to any of my classes and spent most of the day sleeping. Considering that I feel physically better than earlier was worth not going to class.

God is really moving on this campus still. I love seeing him at work but part of me is sad. I don't know God as much as I want to. I keep pursuing him though. I'm not one who quits easily. I've been thinking a lot about integrity lately. And how it is so important that we are true not only to God but also ourselves and aspects of our lives. I think integrity is important to God. It's mentioned in the book of Job a couple of times. And elsewhere in the Bible. Integrity is important to me too. I don't want to mis-lead others into believing things about me that aren't true. I realize that I can't control what people think regardless of how I live. I want people to see Jesus and aspects of the God whose image I was created in. But do they? I know personnally there are things that I haven't been 100% true on. Even if it was something I did once. But the cool part is...realizing why I did it...confessing my sin...asking for forgiveness and God forgiving and forgetting. As humans we tend to remember the wrongs we've received from other people. God isn't human though. I love that he can forget about the silly things I do that aren't exactly pleasing to him.

Currently I'm spending the majority of my time reading for class. I'm reading Taking Heaven by Storm, by this man whose last name is Wigger. It's a good book but the font is really small and there is a ton of example details. The goal is to finish it by this Tuesday before 7 PM. I've started Searching for God Knows What, by Donald Miller as well for personal reading. And in my on going trek through the OT I'm spending some quality time with Isaiah. I've decided that he is rather confusing but I do enjoy a challenge.

Question of the day: Does the word moist gross you out? If not is there a word that does gross you out?

Me: yes. The word sounds gross to me when it is said. I also cringe when the words discharge and puberty are said. I know I"m a bit weird but I can't help it.


Blogger Rachel said... I don't think so, actually, i'm struggling for a word that does, i'm sure there is maggots

9:57 PM

Blogger Nicole_Marietta said...

Ok, so moist doesn't freak me out. But "phlegm" does. How's it going Annie? We miss ya!

2:12 PM


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