Friday, February 17, 2006

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Well it is offically the weekend by my standards. For me it started right after my 1 PM class called History of Religion in US. It's a good class. The books look interesting and we have to visit two different worship services. This weekend I am going to a Baptist Church and I think the other one is going to be a Morman one. yesterday I was caught completely off guard. I was talking to my former Youth Pastor and out of the blue he asks me where I got my faith from. My answer was pretty crappy because I wasn't prepared. But realistically, I should know the answer to that question. There is serious warfare out there. Sometimes I think that I'm in the middle of it with some current situations involving my family. And me not knowing Scripture or having an adequate answer to why my faith is the way it is...then I'm headed for trouble.

So where did I get my faith from...well experiences have a lot to do with it but my entire faith is not built upon those experiences. The experiences showed me more about God. But for me it comes down to trusting God with everything. What I know and what I don't. He's never let me down and tends to surprise me. I've tried putting faith in people and learned that it leads to disappointment and a lot of hurt. Don't get me wrong...I love people and trust several of them. But that's not the same as putting faith in them.

Feel free to leave comments about this. I like input.

Question of the Day: If you could meet any fictional character who would it be and why?

Me: Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders. First of all his name is a bit different. I really liked the book and the discription of his hair seems wonderful.


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wow, look who's been playing with the color chart! Hey, can I just say that this blog site is a pain in the... Just look at mine, it makes me laugh..for instance, why is the upper portion of my new post a different color? Yeah, it makes sense right. lol By the way, so glad it could be encouraging... see ya friend

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