Sunday, February 26, 2006


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Integrity is important to me. Living a life of integrity is so important to a Christian walk. For me I'm trying to walk in truth. It's not an easy task. Hurt from others sometimes those closest to us is generally involved. Tonight at fellowship I shared about integrity. I'm including an excerpt of what I said which is actually an excerpt of an e-mail a former corps officer of mine sent me last semester.

Your integrity to the truth- telling the truth, living the truth, recognizing the truth, rewarding the truth, relying upon the truth, speaking of the truth even when it puts you in a bad light-all of these subjects shape your presence as a holy adult. Your temptations from Satan will be more subtle, more daily, more able to be explained or covered. They will rely upon how you handle the truth. Your integrity is all you have- when it is lost, everything is tied to it. Do not fall prey to the desire to protect yourself so much that you begin the ride on a slippery slope leaving your integrity behind.

Something to think about. On another note I've been on a Christian/praise music and world music kick recently. It's even better to find both genres combo-ed. My roommate has a Spanish praise CD that she bought in Panama. It's becoming a favorite.

Question of the day: Are you a fan of bar soap, liquid soap, or foamy soap?

Me: I prefer liquid soap. My skin has a tendency to break out in rashes with certain kinds of bar soap. I never feel clean enough with the foamy stuff. As for brands I really enjoy Soft Soap's Milk and Honey and just about any scent from Bath & Body Works.


Blogger Rachel said...

liquid soap, want to read the rest but you know why i'll wait till tomorrow...night hun

10:39 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Integrity is an important thing. It might be something a lot of Christians, sadly, don't uphold.

A Spanish worship cd? hmmm...perhaps you should uhh..allow me to preview that for you.. ha ha

Yes, I like Liquid soap, bar soap seems gross that you go for it before and after you're clean, and who knows who else touches it you know? I really like St. Ives citris something, and I think it's Soft Soap's energy? (it's green and it smells good..) Ok, looking forward to the next post and next interesting question! Love you girl, see you in class..

9:39 AM


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