Monday, February 13, 2006

Can I Get A What, What?

I've decided that I know too many people on both blogs and that I'm just going to post the same entry twice. That way I don't miss out on my shout outs and hollas on Xanga or potential comments on this thing.

Yeah! What! OK! So I'm not the next Lil' John but me attempting to use any of these words like him would probably be hilarious. Just a thought.

So I had an amazing weekend. I didn't do anything spectacular by any means but all in all a great weekend. God has been showing me so much lately. And I got to thinking about settling. Settling for less than what could be out there for us as people. I don't want to settle. I want to be open to the adventure that awaits. Whatever and where ever my vocation is. I honestly like challenges and being out of my comfort zone. Those are times when my character is refined and molded into what God wants to use me for later on in the path. Regardless of how little I know about the future or even about some present situations, God is going to be faithful through all of it.

I re-colored my hair today. It is a nice shade of red that blends in with my natural dark brown. As for my belt drama, I ended up having to call it in. The woman who took my order was very pleasent and hopefully the belts will come in soon. Pretty much all of my pants are a bit too big. Including one of my favorite pairs of comfy pants. They're these great green scrub pants.

Question of the day: Do you prefer the term journal or diary?

Me: I like journal better. It fits my personality and I've always liked the style of journals better because they generally don't have the locks on them.


Blogger Rachel said...

Geeze Annie!! I didn't know you had one of these things!!

In regards to the font...ha ha, well, that could potentially create some troubles now couldn't it.. see i can read picture font...whats wrong with the rest of you?! ;-) Ok ok...well i'll change it over... ha ha

11:04 PM

Blogger Cokkie said...

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11:08 PM


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